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Selfie Hatred

Selfie photos are everywhere. They’re on instagram, facebook, tumblr… and every other social network. A lot of people complain about the frequency at which they occur. Some people are literally enraged at the sight of a selfie.  I see people being ridiculed for selfie love and made to feel bad about themselves when in fact, that is exactly the opposite of what they were setting out to gain. Everyone wants to feel special, important, and beautiful.

Everyone wants to feel special, important, and beautiful.

In our current society it can be very hard to feel good about yourself, your body image, and your life in general because everything we do is compared to a magnified rule of airbrushed and unrealistic celebrity life.

Contrary to popular belief, celebrities (no mater how gilded in gold), are not demigods.   There is no difference between a celebrity up on stage, and the girl sitting next to you on the L train. Everyone deserves to feel like a star. Everyone deserves to feel worthy. So the next time a selfie drives you to fits of rage, take a step back and really analyze the situation. Why does this image upset me so much?  Think about how good it feels to feel good about yourself. Realize that this feeling is all anyone wants. One moment of feeling good. One moment of happiness. So click “like” and give it to them.

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